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Animation Throwdown Tips And Tricks To Win Every Game

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Get ready for the battle of all battles with Animation Throwdown , the new card game developed by Kongregate and which brings to Fox’s most popular series As Family Guy orFuturama and faces his most popular characters. If you need help with the game, do not miss our Animation Throwdown guide with tricks, tips, strategies and all the keys .

How to play Animation Throwdown

As a good card game, the key to victory or defeat is to build the best deck possible . To do this, always have the best cards available in your deck and use them at the right position and time. Keep in mind that you can improve the cards , so always improve those that you consider basic for your deck and the rarest to improve your stats.

When building the deck, make a mix of cards with a lot of life and cards with very high attack , because it will be the balance between both statistics which will give you a solid deck to win battles.

Investigate the best combinations in Animation Throwdown

Animation Throwdown is a card game where we can make countless combinations and for them we will have to investigate the combinations between cards . When we combine them then we make two cards become one and both life and attack is the sum of the previous ones. Remember which are the most effective combos given that they will give us different bonuses that will help us win the game, and play them in the right position according to the bonus that gives us to get the maximum advantage.

There are common, rare, epic and legendary cards . The more infrequent the card is, the more powerful it is, but the more time it takes to investigate its combinations. Remember that we can use gems to get epic and legendary cards .

When it comes to combos, always have two cards investigating combos at all times. It is very important to investigate all possible combinations between the rarest cards in addition to the cards that you consider to have the most potential, although sometimes it is better to have a common card that has many combinations to a rare one with few combinations.

What is the best strategy to win?

Both in Animation Throwdown and in general in any card game, it is important to think in advance what are the possible moves and combinations that you can make and act accordingly. Try to always start with a card that has a lot of life and if possible also high attack, and add a card with healing power as soon as possible to keep as many cards active in the game as long as possible.

Always have at least as many cards on your screen as your opponent, so reserve the combos for later in the game , and as soon as you have more cards than your opponent it will be very easy to win.

How to get more cards in Animation Throwdown

If you want to get more cards it is best to replay the adventure mode , since each chapter has three phases that we can play up to three times to get the maximum of stars, and every time you overcome a phase we get new cards, so play As many times as you can to get free cards in Animation Throwdown.

If you get bored of repeating games, remember that you can automate battles in the options menu, as well as choose game speed up to 4 times faster, so you can end these battles quickly.

How to get free gems and coins in Animation Throwdown

Click on the television icon and we can see ads , which will make us more likely to get good prizes in the game, up to a maximum of 3 ads seen that will increase the probability even more. The bonus we get by watching ads only lasts 4 hours .

If we do the missions we can get free gems and coins by completing them among other prizes, and use the gems to get rare cards instead of speeding up the investigation.

What to do with the coins we earn

As soon as you get coins use them to buy new cards , given that there is little more that is worth using. Save 5,000 coins to buy all at once and it looks like this is more likely to get rare cards.

Have not you downloaded Animation Throwdown yet? Do not worry, here are the links to download the Android game on Google Play and for iOS in iTunes along with the game trailer. Also, if you know more cheats for Animation Throwdown do not forget to leave them in the comments, and if you liked the tricks, share the guide in your social networks !.