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How easily win the event on Bounty Brawl Stars

How easily win the event on Bounty Brawl Stars

Bounty is one of challenge events available on Brawl Stars, probably the most fun, probably because of the mix of 3v3 mode and versatility of roles : let us see how it works Bounty and tricks to win easily, using the best strategies and the best Brawlersavailable.

How about Bounty Brawl Stars

Bounty is the pure fighting game mode, we find out how it works and the purpose of the challenge:

  • The system combines 6 players forming two different gang, is a mode 3 v 3,
  • The aim of the game is to shoot down as many of the enemy team characters and so many stars ,
  • Each Brawlers defeated generates a star on the Brawlers head that felled him,
  • Each star on the head of a Brawlers corresponds to a killing (the maximum is 7 stars)
  • Whenever a Brawlers is killed “gives” to the opposing team the number of stars that carried with it,
  • Each Brawelrs has infinite lives within the game,
  • The game mode has a time limit when the countdown ends the gang with the highest number of stars is winning.

Tips and strategies to win in the Bounty Brawl Stars

We try to gather the best tricks, tips and tactics you can use in this mode to win in the fastest time possible, of course, often this will require much time.

First step: As all the challenges 3v3, even in this it is essential to have a good feeling with their peers: If you’re starting the search Bounty mode with random players multiplayer deviaffidarti fate and hope to be paired with experienced players instead. If you want to ensure victory, the first step and the best way forward is surely to organize a team with your friends by creating a private room on Brawl Stars . However we can not hide that the random mode combinations completely random with players around the world is the most exciting and fun, because you never know what will be your allies!

A great trick to get a lot of Stars, is to use physical Brawlers as El Primo and hiding in the tall grass . We await with confidence that an enemy comes close to our bundle of grass, soon will turn the corner we have risen with his fists or bullets! Do not let him escape (physical Brawlers have many hit points and not we risk being defeated, especially if the enemy Brawlers is one that attacks from a distance!).

There is little point in this challenge flee, because you get the full game when there is direct confrontation (to obtain Stars you must shoot down enemies , then colliding), but when you manage to get 6 or 7 stars advise you to find a quiet spot of the level and as soon as you’re sure that there are no brawlers around, immediately hide in a clump of grass and wait for the end of the level: why this advice?

Point the case of having 7 stars with you , what would continue to shoot down enemy threatening for another to be defeated and targeted by all three enemy players and risk losing all accumulated stars giving it the enemy? Better act of wisdom and calm, and hide in a safe and protected location.

What Brawlers used in Bounty Stars of Brawl?

Usually with a team made up of friends we can better balance the Brawlers: In this challenge event recommend it to manage the selection of carefully Brawlers. Having with him three physical Brawlers or 3 Brawlers with ranged attack p uo be a big disadvantage for the success of the mission.

It ‘important to be able to rely on characters both physical and remote, so we guarantee full coverage: let’s say we have our team 3 Brawlers El Primo,  what would happen if we were against 3 Brawlers remotely like Shelly? None of the three would have potential to move without risking being defeated even before touching them!

These are in our opinion the strongest Brawlers to win :

  • Nita : due to its ability generates Bears that annoy the enemy protecting you and keeping them busy as much as possible. It also brings an important contribution to your team, because hypothetically players more than 3 diventeano allies.
  • El Primo is a strong brawlers, is slow but if it aims at a Brawlers you can be sure that befall! His ability allows him to make huge leaps anywhere and at great speed, which allows one side to compromise a group of enemies and other escape quickly from an enemy onslaught.
  • Brock: As soon as the battle begins closer to the grass area in the center standing wait of not being seen, shoot towards the other of grass cube so you can hit most of the brawler and opponents charge the special. In team it recommended at least one tank (like El first) and a brawler who ranged attacks.
    In doing so the tank supported by the other two brawler will always remain alive and able to destroy opponents