How to get free gems in the game DragonVale

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In Dragonvale , gems are more valuable than money and in fact, it is for this reason that many join the game. Although you should also know that you can have gems, without the use of cheats .

It’s also not hard to know some of the main reasons why gems are important in this game for iPad and iPhone devices.

Accelerate the game

Sometimes, without enough money and gems, the game can become slow. Gems play a key role in hastening the incubation time of eggs, the growth of dragons and even the purchase of other islands with extension targets.

For transactions

Sometimes you can use your gems to buy rare dragons and eggs. For example, a rainbow dragon costs 2,500 gems, while a dragon of mist is worth 1,000 gems. Gems can also be used to buy needed items on the market.

To the park

Your park is a floating island that has shrubs, trees and rocks. The gems are useful for sorting the shrubs, making spaces for crossing and aging sites on this island. Remember that the larger the shrubs, trees and rocks, the more gems you will need to remove them.

Ways to get gems

Through shopping

You can use your coins to buy gems, even if it is quite expensive, but you can buy them to your contacts and friends or to the market, according to your preferences. check out this ultimate generator tool to get free gems on dragonvale, works perfectly with android and iOS.

Visit the Parks of your friends

You do not earn much to get friends and visit their parks, but what you win will be worth much more than anything. Every day there will be small party hats on your friend’s island, when you visit your park and touching the hats, you will be able to get some rewards, although the amount of money to be received depends on the size of your park at the time of your visit .

Through his dragons and eggs

Caring for your dragon’s kids is a way to earn some money, which you can use to buy gems, in addition you can also place your dragons on sale to gain gems, especially when they are from the rarest races, such as the dragon of rainbow.

As gifts from friends

In Dragonvale, you can send a single gem to three different friends on a day as a gift, however, not many “friends” in this game are the type to give you your gems won for free. Therefore, if a friend can send you the gem as a gift, he will wait for you to return the same gesture.

By trade with friends

A friend can benefit you in the game and send you gems based on that there is something in return. For example, a friend may consent to send you a hundred gems in exchange for a dragon egg he needs and you have. Therefore, you have to know that such a deal is a matter of understanding and trust between you. Trade means that you change your friend’s gems for something else, which is similar to a trade.

Regardless of the methods you will use to get your Dragonvale gems , you better make sure you always have gems when you play the game. Do not spend all your Dragonvale gems on forests and rocks on the island. Rather, learn to conserve them and use them only when the need forces you.

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