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How to Defend Effectively On FIFA 17 – Super Tricks


As a regular player, you will easily get the opportunity to focus on attack than defense, indeed it is by scoring goals you win your matches. Out, it will be easier to win by taking no goals in the first minutes of the game and having a good defense. This part of our FIFA 18 hack guide so you will explain how to create walls before your cages.

Do not create openings in your defense:

If you are playing the FIFA series for many years, know that this first part will be devoted to the most inexperienced people, having played any FIFA or not knowing all the strategies of the game. First of all, keep your position with defender you control and intervene at the right time. It is useless to rush foolishly on the ball carrier and make a tackle which then would leave the field open to the striker to score!

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Moreover, even throwing you and always on the ball carrier, you create spaces in your defensive lines and allow attackers to come redundant, without necessarily being marked by your defenders. The defender must maintain the position to anticipate the attacker, stand ready to intervene at the right time. So do not go for it as a “kamikaze” on your opponent and do not ask your supporters to go on attack. By doing this scorers will have more play space, will find themselves free and will make calls more easily.Moreover, pouncing quickly on the ball carrier, it will be easier to get the boxes, which will weaken your defense. In FIFA 17, you will have two ways to defend, tactical or conventionally.

Tactical Defending:

By choosing this type of tactical defense, you will play more concretely. You will wait for the opponent, will exercise pressure on the ball carrier, etc. So do not hurry to steal the ball from your opponent, wait patiently and intervene at the right time as in a simulation type game of football (with interactions wanting real). And press forward on the edge of the fault.

As you’ve probably noticed, the physics of the ball in the FIFA series has become paramount. With the new engine it will be possible to modulate the speed of the ball, move away, etc. Without remaining near you. You will be able to carry out interventions to the body-to-body. Keep the ball physics in mind when you defend to stay in contact with your opponent and take him to the fault or loss of ball simply.

Considering this operation ball, you can make slight mistakes as in real situations that are not necessarily sanctioned and allow you to clear the ball. For example you can slightly obstruct the attacker running, push or retain the jersey. In some cases this can not be possible and the fact to make a mistake on the ball carrier heading towards the goals will take you to a fault, a red card or even a penalty. So well caliber situations and make the right strategic choices!

Defensive formation of your dreams:

Choose the right training before starting your game. If the opponent is stronger than you and has good attack, go for a defensive tactic that you control and allowing you to place the best players. It will for example not to play with a formation with two defensive midfielders if your team does not have one or more evil than your community “classic”.

In FIFA 17 you will have to master the 5-4-1 and 5-3-2 scheme for at least able to count on a good defense. Do not hesitate to give instructions to the players so they do not rush to the attack, leaving your goals without supervisor and may tire quickly. Before the game you set your instruction, the tactics and how to defend (against-foot long balls, tackling style, etc.)

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Players must also act accordingly. Therefore, it will be better for you to adapt the instructions to your players. For example, you want the central tip back into defense in your half of the field to meet the advanced block the opponent. Or your wingers back in defense. In this case, go on to give players instructions and modify them so that the most offensive players back.

The defense in the final moments:

You arrived until final of the Cup, you lead with a goal in the last minutes of the match and want above all not conceding a goal … The title is within reach! In such time, you will go in managing your team and your tactics change settings manually. Here, reduce the size of the team, reduce the dry and increase the aggressiveness of your players.

Know that there are settings already established in the game, allowing you to quickly play a tactical adjustment via a defensive, moderate, etc. The defensive game style is contrary to what one might think quite hard to access and ask you to play again and again until eventually fully master it. It is more difficult to defend its general goals of brand.

As explained earlier this page, you will find that the recommendations but by no means a miracle solution allowing you to never cash in goal. Everything will depend on the situation of the game, your opponent, your team, etc. Do, however, not focus on defense, you will also need to score goals to win your way.