4 WordPress Plugins For Content Marketing Success

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Content marketing is big business, with many affiliate marketers making big bucks through blogging. There are a number of ways businesses can benefit from running their own blog, including lead generation, building an emailing list, earning backlinks and gaining social media shares. Here, we’ll look at four quality plugins that can make your blogging experience that little bit easier.

WordPress SEO By Yoast

Wordpress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is the most ubiquitous SEO plugin available, with over 9 million downloads, and is for many internet marketers and bloggers, the go-to SEO plugin. One of the features that makes it perfect for blogging is the built in post title and meta description editor. With this dashboard appearing on the bottom of all your post editor screens, you can quickly optimise your meta data, while Yoast tells you how well you’re doing it, counting keyword mentions in the body text, title, description and URL. Be sure to combine your keyword research with Google Keyword Planner so you’re not optimising for an unachievable term.

There are also several features for power users and SEO agencies such as us, including full control over the HTaccess and Robots files, canonical links, editing breadcrumb links, creating an XML sitemap, and the ability to clean up your site’s head section. With all of these built-in features to improve your on-page SEO, it’s little wonder that this plugin has been downloaded so many times!

SEO Smart Links

One of the easiest things things to improve about your on-site SEO, and to get your readers to explore more of your site and to stay longer, is to ensure your posts are interlinked. By linking relevant posts to one another, the Googlebot finds it easier to explore your site, while your readers will be more likely to read more of your articles through following your links.

SEO Smart Links is a nifty little plugin that automates your interlinked posts. Usually, it would take several minutes, even hours, to each of your articles links to other relevant posts you’ve written. But how about if you could specify a certain phrase or keyword that automatically linked to a certain post in your site? That’s exactly what SEO Smart Links does. You can use it to link keywords with URLs, so everytime that keyword appears on your site, a contextual link is created linking to that URL.

This is an incredibly easy way of creating keyword rich anchor texts within your site, helping to spread page pagerank around the site.



LinkWithin achieves a similar result to SEO Smart Links in a more visual way. This free plugin automatically creates a bank of links to other, relevant articles on your site, complete with title and thumbnail image. With a compelling featured image and title for each of your blog posts, installing your this to your blog should see the time spent on your site increase as well as a reduction in bounce rate, as your readers will begin to explore more of your articles rather than leaving the site after reading their first one.

Visit their site to customise your free plugin, including how many articles you want to appear and what colour scheme you want to use, then download the plugin specifically tailored to your blog!


Billed as ‘the author box for humans’, Starbox is possibly the easiest way to get author bylines set up on your blog, complete with a profile image and social media links. This is perfect for blogs written by multiple authors, and with built in Google Authorship, you can be sure your authors’ authority is associated with your blog, helping with your SEO effort.

Starbox is great for beginners or those on a tight budget thanks to a number of built in templates available, meaning you can choose a theme to suit your site template without having to bring in a web design agency.

Seb Atkinson
Seb Atkinson

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    We are glad to hear that you consider StarBox is a must try AuthorBox plugin. – Squirrly Team

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      Thanks Leau, I use it on my personal site, it’s nice and easy to set up so perfect for beginners!