Why are so many businesses turning to SEO & PPC?

  1. SEO & PPC Are Highly Targeted

    With search engine optimisation and pay per click, you’re able to target your audience with laser sight precision. The keywords and search phrases people use on Google give incredible insight into who they are, and what they are looking for.

    We’re able to drive targeted visitors to your site based on their location, company size, and the product or service they are searching for, all from detailed keyword research and analysis.

    SEO effectively allows you to put yourself in front of your target market, at the point of purchase, or beginning of the purchasing decision. This is incredibly powerful and the reason why all companies regardless of industry are now turning to SEO & PPC from traditional, outdated forms of marketing and sales, like outbound call centres or direct mail.

  2. Every Penny Spent Is Measurable

    With a search campaign, every penny you spend is measurable, so is every step of the return on investment process. Once we understand your cost per acquisition and work with you to understand the profit you make on your products or services, we can work backwards to allocate a spend that allows you to achieve between 3x-10x the return on investment per spend.

    With a PPC campaign, we’re able to work out the cost per click for your target keywords and from there illustrate that if you spend £10,000 per month to drive 10,000 clicks, your cost per click is £1.00. For lead generation, the average conversion rate from search traffic is between 3-8%. So if you spend £10,000 you’ll convert say 5% of this into leads, which means 500 leads.

  3. SEO Leads Are Ready To Purchase

    The main reason to use an SEO or PPC campaign over traditional marketing is that leads generated from search are inbound leads. This means these visitors are ready to purchase, or interested in learning more about your product. This means provided your sales team are competent and your product has enough value to satisfy the customer’s wants or needs, the process should be 10x easier than trying to create need and cold call prospects from a cold centre, or through a direct mail campaign.

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Our unique vistors increased by 1792%, a tremendous start to our campaign!

Our unique vistors increased by 1792%, a tremendous start to our campaign!

James Douglas

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Our organic search traffic has increased by 442%

Our organic search traffic has increased by 442%

Tom Acland


Our revenue has increased by over 30%

Our revenue has increased by over 30%

Jacyn Heavens

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