Why Square Social

When we say we specialise in a few key areas, we mean it. Being a specialist social search company means we know a thing or two about social media marketing. The way we work is simple, quick and effective. More importantly, we deliver measurable results.

Other Agencies

  • Overcomplicating Things

    Overcomplicating things

    If there’s one thing we hate, it’s overcomplicating things. Other Agencies spend 90% of their time trying to overcomplicate everything and the other 10% then trying to figure out how to deliver what they’ve promised. Less is more.

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  • Generalists

    website generalists

    One size doesn’t fit all. If Social Media Marketing or Search Engine Optimisation is right for you, make sure you pick a specialist provider instead of a jack of all trades. Why do you think there are specialist brain surgeons and heart surgeons? They don’t both try to do each other’s jobs, because the results would be poor. Other Agencies try to do everything, we excel at a few things.

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  • Slow Moving

    website slow

    A lot of Other Agencies out there are too busy contemplating their next step or the meaning of life. The downside of this is that online marketing in general is evolving at such a pace that if you aren’t acting now and taking advantage of the latest best practice, you’re falling behind rapidly.

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Square Social

  • Simplicity

    website simple

    Simplicity. We love simplicity. We love making things easy to understand. Online marketing shouldn’t be difficult and full of hassle and spreadsheets. As Einstein famously quoted: “If you can’t explain it simply, you probably don’t understand it well enough”. We aren’t in the business of overcomplicating things. If you value simplicity, we’ll get along just fine.

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  • Specialists

    website specialists

    Specialists. We stick to what we’re good at. We specialise in social media marketing, search engine optimisation and content marketing. We aren’t an ‘integrated agency’ trying to do everything for the sake of a larger contract. We’d rather deliver an exceptional service in a few key areas than being average in many. Less is more.

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  • Speed

    website speed

    Speed. One thing that frustrates us is a lack of urgency. We get things done and we get them done quick. Our focus is on achieving directly measurable results as soon as possible for our clients. There’s no need to overcomplicate things with reams and reams of spreadsheets or conference calls, our results speak for themselves. We’ll save you all the usual online marketing hassle and make you a fortune in the process.

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  • Tom (1)
    Tom Bool
    Director, Integro Languages
    "We have commissioned Square Social to provide SEO and social marketing assistance and after working together for a considerable time, I can not speak highly enough of them. Our account managers’ knowledge and expertise are extensive, and their patience, helpfulness and commitment to service are nothing short of excellent. I would not hesitate in recommending [...]"
  • simon-tilbrook (4)
    Simon Tilbrook
    Managing Director, Swallowtail Print
    "The team at Square Social are a breath of fresh air - They are dynamic and hugely impressive. If they don’t do extremely well I will eat my hat. I don’t want to recommend them, as I want them just working for me!"
  • 276bb90
    James Duez
    Non-Exec Director, Proxama
    "The team at Square Social are enthusiastic and hardworking young entrepreneurs who are very customer focused and hungry to deliver bottom-line value. They are excellent listeners (increasingly rare), have a very strong work ethic which combines with a clear sense of professional pride in what they deliver."