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  • Speak to a Social Media Consultant

    If you have a question which is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our social media consultants will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

  • How do the contracts work, are they for a specific period?

    Our services are all on rolling monthly contracts that you can cancel at any time, except for the Deluxe package which requires a one month cancellation notice. However, we do offer a discount for three, six and twelve month service contracts – one of our social media consultants will be happy to discuss this with you.

  • Is there a deposit required upfront?

    There is a 25% deposit required for the Professional and Deluxe packages to cover the initial design costs. The Starter package does not require a deposit.

  • How does the payment process work?

    Payment for each month’s service is due at the end of the month. We prefer to handle payments via standing order, but we are flexible and willing to work around this. Please discuss this with one of our social media consultants if you have any further questions on this matter.

  • How do I measure my return on investment?

    A good question. As a social media business, we think this is a very important aspect of all social media strategies. Each campaign will have specific key performance indicators set, which will be agreed by yourself and your social media consultant. Each month your progress report will demonstrate the progress we have made and if the KPIs are being met. These progress reports are jargon free and laid out usually on a one page document in very simple terms – so you can directly measure your return.

  • How does the social media management process work?

    The process is simple. To begin with we’d sit down for a casual chat to determine what it is exactly your looking to achieve. Once we can determine your goals, we can discuss the various ways that social media can help you achieve these goals. Following this, we’ll return and present a social media strategy based on our previous discussion. If you’re happy with this, we can get started right away – if not, we can re-develop the strategy until we’re both happy to begin.