Google Reveals New Adwords Features

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Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Product Management for Adwords revealed yesterday an array of new features to be released on the Google AdWords platform. The focus of the new changes appears to be geared around mobile and smarter reporting tools.

New App Ads

A deeper integration between downloaded apps and users search queries will allow advertisers to send customers to relevant parts of a native app instead of sending them to a designated landing page. Google reported that 80% of downloaded apps are used only once and then deleted. Using the search network and Googles AdMob mobile ad network, advertisers can prompt searchers to download a relevant app and then continue to offer search results that will deliver the relevant content within the app. They goal of this change is to increase in-app interactions.

Estimated Total Conversions Development

A constant problem for advertisers in recent years has been the ability to attribute conversions across all channels and touch points. If a customer clicked on an ad, visited your website and then converted in a physical store there has been no way of attributing the sale and ROI back to the advert. Last year Google introduced Estimated Total Conversions in an attempt to give advertisers a clearer picture of their campaigns overall performance.

Google has been testing the new feature with a fashion retailer and reports that:

The feedback on Estimated Total Conversions has been great, so we’re continuing to invest in this product. As people search more online for local businesses and then go into the store to make purchases, we’re testing ways to measure the effectiveness of search ads at driving in-store sales, using anonymized purchase data from retail partners. RKG and fashion retailer, Express, very early testers, found that overall return on ad spend increases 102% when including offline sales in online advertising results.

Enhanced Reporting Features

This new feature will enable reporters to produce much clearer reports and analyse clients data in a far more efficient and visual manner. A drag-and-drop dashboard will allow advertisers to compare a range of metrics quickly and efficiently, avoiding the need to download and export data into various spreadsheets. This enterprise level of analysis will allow for greater analysis to optimise and refine campaigns with greater speed and accuracy as the data that Google will be displaying will be live data.

The ‘Step Inside Adwords’ livestream presented by Jerry Dischler on April 22nd can be viewed in full here.

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