New Adwords PPC Features Announced Today

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Jerry Dischler, VP of Product Management for AdWords, will announce an array of new features and tools that will be available to advertisers on the Google AdWords platform. During a livestream event on April 22nd at 5pm GMT, over 10 new features will be revealed.

In a blog post that was posted last week on the official Inside Adwords blog, they confirmed that after meeting with advertisers to gain feedback and ideas for how to improve the product three key themes emerged:

It’s no longer about devices - In this multi-device world, the way people use desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones is blurring. This means people don’t think about which device they’re using, they just expect the right content to appear seamlessly wherever they are ready to engage.

Context matters more than ever The ways people connect, whether that’s on a computer, a mobile website or an app, have become increasingly important in showing people the right content, and the right ads.

Connecting people to content With more consumer touch-points than ever, it can become increasingly complex to reach people in the moments that matter. We’re working hard to develop innovations that let technology do the hard work so that businesses can focus on reaching their customers.

With these key themes being identified the speculation has begun as to what these 10+ new features maybe. A recent post by Search Engine Land explores what these new features may be. New measurement metrics, multi-screen tracking and smarter automation and bidding strategies are just a few of the new features being discussed.

The new AdWords features are likely to take into consideration the multitude of devices that users consume information on these days. Smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, games consoles and smart TVs are all capabale of displaying search results so the need more smarter data has never been greater.

Whatever the new features maybe, they are sure to make the AdWords platform even more valuable to advertisers and businesses alike. To register for the livestream visit the Adwords registration page.

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